Since our mouth is one of the focal points in our face, our smile plays a very important role in our self-expression and our impact on people. An attractive smile can open many doors for us. If we are not satisfied with our smile, we may complain that we have low self-esteem. We can make an impression that we have a low self-esteem. This will negatively affect both our image and our communication with other people.

If we are not happy with our smile, maybe it's time for a new smile.

Your answers to our short questions below will help you make a personal analysis and make a decision about smile design.
  • Would you cover your mouth with your hand while smiling?
  • When you look at your smile in the mirror, do you see any impairment in your teeth and gums?
  • Are you unhappy that your gums show up too much when you smile?
  • Do you see staining and color changes on your teeth?
  • Does the shape of your teeth bother you?
  • Would you like to have a smile as attractive as the models?
  • Can you imagine yourself with whiter teeth?
If you answered yes to many of the questions in this questionnaire, you can get information from Clinic Lacivert to get information about aesthetic dentistry.
How long does the smile design take to complete?
The duration of the Smile Design may vary depending on the procedure to be performed based on the patient's preferences and the dentist's recommendations. First of all, during the dental examination, patients are informed about the structure of their mouth and the health of their teeth. In order to achieve a smile you dream of, the dentist prepares the treatment plan and then the treatment process begins.
What are the important points for smile design?
The gender of the patient is very important for the design of the smile. Because there is a difference between men and women in terms of the shape of their smile. Men's smiles have a square or rectangular shape, whereas women's smiles have a round or oval shape.
What are the most important advantages of dental implants?
• In Smile Design, the condition and position of the teeth and gums, the shape of the teeth, the ratio with each other and the gums and their colors should be evaluated. The assessment should include the patient's facial proportions, age, gender, and skin color. The crowding and discoloration of the teeth and interdental spaces that negatively affect the smile are removed with leaf porcelain (laminated porcelain veneer), tooth whitening and orthodontic treatments.

• Excessive exposure of the gums while smiling, and gingival asymmetry or recession affect the patient aesthetically negatively. In such cases, various gingival surgeries can be performed. With various dental and / or gingival treatments, patients are provided with a smile that suits them.
For a beautiful smile, you can choose Clinic Lacivert.
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