Which of us wouldn't dream of having natural, healthy and dense and bushy hair. Nowadays, many cosmetic products are trying to help us in order to provide such hair. But are they enough? Unfortunately they are not. Genetic factors, poor eating habits, irregular life and most importantly stress can cause increased hair loss and even loss of healthy hair. Now there is a great method to replace our lost hair: "Hair Transplantation by Sapphire Percutaneous Technique”.

With the Sapphire Percutaneous Technique, you can achieve the look you dream of, without pain, without backing from social life and without shaving. Moreover, successful transplantation can be performed in areas such as mustache, beard and eyebrows.

What is the Sapphire Percutaneous Technique?
There are 5 important stages of hair transplantation.

- Determining the natural hairline

- Collection of grafts

- Opening the channels

- Planting hair follicles

The most important process in the Safir Percutan technique is carried out in the second stage. At this stage, a genuine sapphire is used to open the channels. The technique takes its name from these sapphire tips. With sapphire tips, you can open the channels in three dimensions rather than two dimensions. These three-dimensional channels only have the width of a hair strand. Opening such a small canal is only possible with the Sapphire Percutaneous Technique.
What are the advantages of the Sapphire Percutaneous Technique?
Grooving tips made of a real natural sapphire material allow for the opening of thinner channels. These tips prevent further damage to the tissues in the hair transplantation area. The channels opened only in the size of the hair follicles cause minimal edema, which significantly shortens the recovery period.

The Sapphire Percutaneous Technique, which allows a sensitive channel to be opened, allows a denser hair transplantation. This technique helps to open thinner and natural channels in the entire transplantation area. The dense channels opened in its natural direction prevent hair transplantation from being noticed by others. When you look in the mirror, you will have the feeling that your hair has never been shed before.
How can hair transplant be done without shaving?
With the Sapphire Percutaneous Technique, channels of the same size as the hair follicles can be opened between the intact hair follicles. The newly opened channels do not damage the existing hair follicles thanks to the Sapphire Percutaneous Technique. There is a minimal risk of edema formation after hair transplantation with the Sapphire Percutaneous Technique. This technique provides 2 times faster recovery than a standard hair transplant method. The channels opened with sapphire tips prevent the formation of scars.

A denser hair transplantation is possible with the Sapphire Percutaneous Technique. Three-dimensional and thin channels opened with sapphire tips allow a precise transplantation process. This technique also allows a denser transplant in smaller areas and a transplant with natural circular placement of hair follicles. The transplantation of approximately 70 to 80 hair follicles per square centimeter helps to achieve a natural appearance with denser hair follicles. The Sapphire Percutaneous Technique is associated with the lowest level of edema formation and therefore a lower rate of scar formation, which will result in a shorter healing time.

The Sapphire Percutaneous Technique allows the opening of channels that will allow the planting of higher number of and denser grafts per square centimeter, therefore it helps to create the front hairline and to perform a more sensitive transplantation process in detailed areas such as eyebrows, mustaches and beards.

What should I do after transplantation?
The three days following the procedure is of great importance. During this period, it is beneficial to avoid alcohol consumption and the use of blood thinners. You will need to protect the transplantation area from sunlight as much as possible. After the first washing process in our center, it will be sufficient to wash your hair with the solutions recommended by our expert team.
When can I get my new hair?
Approximately 3 months after the procedure, the hair will start to grow as tiny hairs. It will be possible to regain your natural, lush and dense hair in about 1 year. During this period, various applications such as PRP and mesotherapy can be preferred, with the advice of our doctors, to make your hair thicker and healthier. Additional applications may provide the emergence of stronger hair follicles.
How much time do I have to spare for this process?
The session of hair transplantation takes approximately 6 to 8 hours. It will be enough to spare 1 day for this process. Within a few days after the procedure, we ensure that you can continue your social life after the hair washing process to be performed after the invitation to our center.

Hair transplantation with the Sapphire Percutaneous Technique in Clinic Lacivert
You can choose Clinic Lacivert for hair transplantation to achieve healthy, bushy and natural hair. You can get information about the prices of hair transplantation by contacting Clinic Lacivert, one of the Hair Transplant Centers in Istanbul. While getting information, you can review the before and after photos of the hair transplantation and have an idea about what you wonder. Our team will be delighted to answer your questions and welcome you.
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