The term PRP is an abbreviation of "Platelet Rich Plasma" in English. . PRP therapy is recognized as an effective treatment option in many areas, including skin regeneration and reduction of wrinkles and scars and acne scars, and various orthopedic conditions.

PRP Hair Treatment Applications

PRP Skin Treatment Applications

PRP Hair Treatment Applications
In our clinic, PRP Hair Treatment is a therapeutic method used to reduce hair loss and revitalize weakened hair follicles through tissue regeneration.

In the PRP method, the blood drawn from the patient is first centrifuged. The plasma part in the blood sample is separated by centrifugation. Subsequently, intradermal administration of the plasma fraction separated from red blood cells is performed. In the PRP method, approximately 10 cc of blood sample drawn from the patient is separated by centrifugation in a laboratory environment to obtain a very rich plasma portion for feeding the hair follicles. The obtained plasma part is injected into the areas where the hair follicles are weakened, which provides more nourishment and more concentrated hair follicles in the application area. PRP enables the re-formation of collagen and also supports all vital functions of the skin.
How long will a PRP session be completed?
A PRP session takes 30 minutes on average. After the injection of the prepared plasma, the patients can continue their normal life immediately.
Is PRP treatment a painful procedure?
During the procedure, people do not feel any pain. After the procedure, there is no trace of the operation.
How often should PRP treatment be reapplied?
In order to achieve long-term results with this process, which is applied once a month for three months, our experts recommend that the procedure be re-applied once a year.


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