Oxygen is the source of life for all of us, even all living things. Oxygen is found in the air and water. Oxygen makes up 1/5 of the air we breathe, 2/3 of our body and 9/10 of the water we drink. We are unable to continue our lives without oxygen.

Oxygen means life.

Ozone is a colorless, pungent gas composed of three oxygen atoms found in nature. Ozone therapy is a treatment using medical ozone gas prepared with 5% ozone and 95% oxygen.

How does Ozone Therapy work?
During the transformation of consumed foods into energy, some chemical events occur in our tissues. As a result of these chemical reactions, substances called free radicals emerge in our cells. The task of removing free radicals from our body is carried out by antioxidants. The more antioxidants we have in our body, the more cleaning power our body has. But things do not always go smoothly in our body due to poor lifestyle and nutrition, which sometimes causes imbalances in body systems. The accumulation of free radicals in our body begins to suppress the antioxidant system. Ozone acts on the antioxidant system and makes it stronger. Oxygen (O2) constitutes 95% of the gases used in therapy, however, this therapy takes its name from Ozone (O3) gas, which constitutes 5%. Ozone (O3) composed of three oxygen atoms found in nature. It is more effective in creating biological response. It is called "active-superoxygen" because of its effects and considered as an anti-stress drug for our body.
What are the Features of Ozone Therapy?
• Strong systemic antioxidant.

• Strong analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.

• Strong antibacterial and antiviral effect.

What are the benefits of Ozone Therapy?
• It accelerates the blood circulation to cells and tissues. It rejuvenates the cells.

• It strengthens the immune system. It protects against diseases.

• Provides skin renewal by increasing blood circulation in the skin. It helps you achieve a cleaner, softer and smoother skin.

• Provides anti-aging effects (delaying the effects of aging).

• • It improves joint pain and muscle disorders. It increases the flexibility of the muscles by removing the toxins accumulated in the muscles.

• Improves brain functions and strengthens memory. It regulates concentration disorders.

• Increases energy production and activates metabolism, eliminating toxins accumulated in the body.

• By increasing the secretion of beta-endorphins and serotonin, it helps relieve mood swings and tension associated with sadness and depression.

• It has an increasing effect on sexual desire and performance.

Is Ozone Therapy a safe procedure?
Medical Ozone therapy is an alternative medical treatment that will improve your health and should be done by a certified ozone therapists and healthcare professionals. Most people can benefit from this therapy: young children, adults, the elderly, athletes, and anyone seeking a better quality of life. Ozone Therapy is a very SAFE and SIMPLE treatment with little or no side effects. It has been actively practiced for more than 30 years. There are clinics and private hospitals specializing only in Ozone Therapy in many countries such as Germany, Italy, Spain, England, USA, Japan, Malaysia and Brazil. Siena University in Italy has a chair on Ozone Therapy.
How many sessions of Ozone Therapy should I take?
Ozone Therapy is a process between 2 and 12 sessions that should be planned at regular intervals in line with your needs. It is a process that can be repeated as your body needs like thirst. If you are going to receive ozone therapy for the first time, you can increase the benefits of Ozone Therapy with intensive sessions.
How much time should I spare for ozone therapy?
The process takes about 30 minutes. We recommend that you plan your time accordingly.
Does Ozone Therapy have any side effects?
Ozone therapy should be applied by a physician as in all other treatments. No side effects have been reported when the correct application methods are followed. It is an effective, fast and completely reliable treatment method if applied properly.
Can I get information about the prices of Ozone Therapy?
The prices of ozone therapy vary according to the method of application and the number of sessions. It is not a costly method given its numerous benefits and many other associated applications. It has options with prices that every income group can afford. We recommend that you contact our clinic for the most appropriate and up-to-date pricing options.
Hello to a healthy and happy life with Ozone Therapy ...
Ozone Therapy has very positive effects on human life. Ozone Therapy can treat various diseases, as well as add value to our lives by being used for the purpose of maintaining our general health and increasing body resistance.
If you think to add value to your life, you can contact our clinic.


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