DENTAL BLEACHING is the application of bleaching to remove the discoloration of the teeth that has yellowing over time, loses its ability to reflect light, darkens due to enamel and dentin structure, changes in color due to eating habits and the use of harmful substances.

Satisfactory results can be obtained with tooth whitening at home or in oral and dental health clinics to eliminate tooth discoloration caused by years of exposure to external factors.

Tooth stains that occur due to various food residues accumulated on the teeth, the use of tea, coffee, cigarettes and colored beverages and bad tooth brushing habits can be removed by cleaning tartar and plaques in our clinic. Teeth cleaning is completed with the following polishing process. After the cleaning procedure, the teeth are ready for the bleaching process.

The teeth whitening process can provide approximately 7 to 8 tons of whitening without any damage. In our clinic, all materials used for this process are products that can only be prepared and used by dentists and require a professional expertise. Other such products sold in cosmetic stores or online may be very ineffective and harmful to dental structures. You should definitely consult a dentist for the whitening procedure.

Dental bleaching can be applied in 2 different ways, at home and in the clinic.

At-Home Dental Bleaching
There is a method of dental bleaching that you can apply yourself at home after the evaluation and instructions of your dentist. A personalized tooth whitening plate is prepared according to the size of the teeth. A water-based dental bleaching drug is placed in this plaque to stay overnight. The plate and drug left in the mouth overnight provide whitening of the teeth. At-home bleaching is applied for 7 to 10 days, and subsequently repeatedly, depending on the degree of bleaching and the desired result.

In-Clinic Dental Bleaching
If a faster tooth whitening is desired, in-clinic dental bleaching is applied by the dentist. The gums are isolated with professional materials, followed by a drug application on the teeth. In order to increase the effectiveness of the tooth whitening drug, a special blue light is applied on it. At the end of the procedure, the teeth will have the desired whiteness. Clinical studies recommend continuing at-home dental bleaching for support after the procedure in order to increase the efficiency and extend the duration of the teeth whitening process.
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